Asian Wild Cattle

The Source Population Alliance (SPA) is a group of private landowners, Conservation Centers, and zoos who dedicate their unique resources to creating sustainable populations of wildlife that serve as dependable reservoirs for the conservation and use of animals in human care and in the wild.


Bubalus depressicornis

Conservation Status: Endangered with a fragmented population that is decreasing.

The IUCN has been unable to accurately estimate the number of anoa in the range countries. However, we are confident that the population is being fragmented by habitat loss from deforestation and poaching. This is a species that will do well with the diverse participant base of the SPA. As with the banteng, our first step is determining which SPA members may be interested, while we simultaneously seek out new anoa stock for transfer.

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Bos javanicus

Conservation Status: Endangered with a fragmented population.

The SPA will initially focus on the banteng by actively recruiting new individuals or organizations interested in helping conserve this unique, endangered species. The IUCN population estimate in nature is fewer than 8,000 individuals, with many of these living in fragmented, small, unsustainable populations. The current population of this species in the USA is held mostly in only a few facilities. Therefore, we need more banteng in more spaces. Besides creating a connected meta-population, there also are exciting research opportunities, including in assisted reproduction. C2S2 and SPA member the Wilds recently produced two banteng calves from artificial insemination.

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