Research Projects

The Source Population Alliance (SPA) is a group of private landowners, Conservation Centers, and zoos who dedicate their unique resources to creating sustainable populations of wildlife that serve as dependable reservoirs for the conservation and use of animals in human care and in the wild.

Sable Population Modeling

The next step in getting a better idea of the sustainability of the SPA metapopulation and its target population size, is with population modeling. The Sable will be used as the test species and we are partnering with Phil Miller of CPSG to combine information from the genomic testing and SPA demographic information. In order to collect the necessary demographic information about our participants' herds, we will be asking Sable holders to fill out a detailed survey about their herd and its history. The combination of genomic and demographic data will give SPA a more accurate target metapopulation size.

Bongo Reproduction Survey

In partnership with SPA participant African Lion Safari, SPA is working on a Bongo reproduction survey for program participants. This survey is a first step at examining reproduction rates in different management settings. Additionally, this survey is looking at the effect that regional climate has on Bongo reproduction. Depending on the outcome of this initial survey, this could potentially evolve into a structured research project.